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“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”.

                                  – Swami Vivekananda


Dear Parents,

                    It is indeed a great privilege to welcome you to join us on this wonderful and joyous learning adventure that will lead our children towards the path of self – discovery to become truly global citizens.

In this world of great paradigm shifts where only thing constant is change, we, at P.N National Public School believe in providing the most contemporary, relevant and inclusive curriculum which is in sync with this ever changing global dynamics. We strive to bring forth excellence in education that prods children to think differently and enjoy learning through a child-centered learning environment. Our vision is to inculcate such values amongst young learners that would create a formidable combination of creative mind and compassionate heart.

We celebrate uniqueness in every child and our endeavor is to promote inclusive and caring environment which cater to children of varied learning capabilities. We aim to create an invigorating and most enthralling learning experience for the children by our passionate educators with international exposure who motivate children ‘How to think’ instead of the traditional ‘What to think’. Our faculty members regularly hone their skills through professional development programmes to be on par with the latest trends and methodologies in the education space.

We recognize the fact that to cultivate well rounded personality children should be trained to synthesize their body, mind and spirit. Our sprawling ten acre campus with state-of-the-art digital learning enabled classrooms, fully equipped science, math, language labs, well stocked library and the international standard in-campus sports facility along with dedicated yoga zone are testimony to this vision.

The colorful kid’s play centers, music & dance studios, theater, art & craft experience zones take children beyond text books to promote multiple intelligence and experiential learning. Our endeavor is to bring forth new dimensions in the teaching-learning environment that will not only pique curiosity and inquisitiveness among learners but also foster analytical and investigative skills encouraging excellence as a habit!

We aim to provide such holistic education which is a blend of modernity with tradition that is focused towards character and personality development including communication skill, enhancement of vocabulary and subsequently English language skills.

Thus, dear parents, we look forward to your patronage and cooperation on our path to this education odyssey. Let us be wind under the wings of our beloved children that will empower them to reach the summit of success as leaders of tomorrow!

Come, be a part of your children’s success stories!

Bipin Mishra

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