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Smart Class

What is Smart Class ?

Over the last few decades, everything has changed in our lives with the all pervasive intervention of technology. However classrooms have remained untouched by technology. The classrooms that our grandparents went to are exactly the kind of classrooms our children study in. Chalk and blackboard, a packed classroom, text books, regimented curriculum, a teacher painstakingly explaining abstract concepts with the limited tools at her disposal.

Imagine a Science teacher explaining how a DNA replicates, a History teacher teaching a class about the Harappan Civilisation, or a Geography teacher teaching how Block of mountains are formed. The best of teachers take pains to explain the concepts largely depending on their own abilities. The students listen to the teachers, try to decipher the figures drawn on the blackboard and read from their text books, take notes and try hard to visualize how it happens and remember. At the end of the class, the teacher asks a few random questions to assess how the class fared. Invariably a few hands (mostly of the same set of brightest students in class), go up, the answers are given and the class ends.

(3) Teachers of Visakhapatnam, India hel

The Smart class concept is a digital initiative of Google For Education. This is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. Powered by the world’s largest repository of digital content mapped to Indian school curricular , Smart class brings in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. Not only do the students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations, they actually see the entire world of knowledge unfolding before their eyes in their classrooms. The topics become vibrant with graphics and animation, enlivening and consolidating the knowledge acquired from the text book

This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance. The Google classrooms are all equipped with audio-visual aids and interactive boards, and are connected with the Knowledge Center server.

PNNPS has never had any qualms about adopting new technology to make the learning experience effective. Today, PNNPS  is the leader in its region in providing world class education to its learners. It is among the first schools in Kushinagar have introduced the Gsuit For Education.

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